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  1. Chitku Adhesive

    For U, C & PVC pipes joint fitting its bonding so strong & leakproof. Learn More
  2. Tile Bond

    Tile Bond : High Strength tile Adhesive
    Learn More
  3. SBR NO.1

    Styrene butadiene base SBR No. 1 liquid for high performance water proofing & multi purpose repair work. Learn More
  4. SBR +

    SBR+ : Acrylic Polymer ( Super bond repairer) ACP 76
    Acrylic polymer base SBR+ for repair and water proofing. Learn More
  5. Wood Care

    Wood care : Extra Power – Crystal Clear
    The Eco friendly herbal based wood preservative, for wood, furniture etc. Its not washed-out by water. Learn More
  6. Seal'N'Coat

    Seal'N'Coat : For Cracks sealing & waterproof coating
    Ready to use crack filler for external and internal plaster cracks its flexible material if add water, its use for as a water proof coating. Learn More
  7. WB +

    WB+ : Water Proofing compound for concrete & plaster
    Internal liquid water proofing compound for concrete & plaster IS 2645 specification. Learn More
  8. Rust Remover 919

    Rust Remover-919 : For Iron & steel rust remover
    Rust remover-919 is remove the rust from the metal. Learn More
  9. Paint Remover 111

    Paint Remover 111 : Remove all types of paint & varnish
    Paint remover remove the all types paints & varnish its working very fast. Learn More
  10. Epoxy Grout

    Epoxy Grout: Multi Purpose, Pourable, Solvent-Free, Epoxy Grouting System
    It is multi purpose, pourable, solvent free epoxy groting for gap filling between tiles & joint construction bars & concretes substrate. Learn More
  11. Bhumi Rakhasak

    The Eco friendly herbal based anti-termite 30 E.C. Super power, usually use at Garden, Building, Construction, Wall for stop the termite. Learn More
  12. Shine Up

    Shine up: C.P. Fitting & Ceramic tile cleaner
    Shine-up remove stain from C.P. Fitting Ceramic base tiles other, cement, versidues, it also clean chrome plated surface. Learn More
  13. Master Crete

    Master Crete : Heat Proof & Water proof
    Its made for exterior wall & terrace, high performance as water proof coating & also reduce temperature. Learn More
  14. Firstcoat

    Firstcoat : Exterior & Interior water proof undercoat
    Acrylic polymer base specially made for paint protect at exterior wall & also use as a interior water proof under coat. Learn More
  15. All Rounder

    Its PU Anti corrosive, UV resistant & water proof two pack for all exterior, interior surface and terrace of building. Learn More
  16. Tile Grout

    Tile Grout: High Strength & Water proof
    Learn More